Saturday, 22 November 2014


Or, as my Swedish boyfriend call it, less appetisingly, “sludge cake.”

We are getting really close to the Christmas season now, and I am *this* close to putting up my tree. I have subtly been putting out decorations over the last few days, enough that it looks festive, not enough that my boyfriend notices. Sly! My iPod is filled with Christmas songs, and I'm feeling jolly!

This is a perfect winter-time cake for me. It’s dense, chocolatey and really rich, so you really only need a sliver ("What, are you afraid you're gonna run out? Cut me a real piece!"). And it goes perfectly with ice cream, as that really undercuts the rich chocolate flavour. We only had vanilla in the freezer (first world problems), but I’d love to try it with some cinnamon or caramel ice cream. Full disclosure, it isn't the prettiest cake. But damn, if it doesn't taste amazing.

Adapted from the delectable (but oddly-named) Swedish baking blog: Call Me Cupcake

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Chilli Chicken Enchiladas

Shortly after, I eated this.

Good God, you say, has she found another way to shred some meat and cook it with Mexican spices, wrap it up and eat it?

Yes. Yes, I have. I shall never stop searching for tasty ways to eat meat in a tortilla with guacamole. NEVER!

So, the cold weather is setting in, it's dark when I leave home and dark when I leave work. These are my perfect winter-warmers.

Remember I said life was too short to peel a roasted pepper? I take it back. This original recipe used “hatch chillis” which is something I just couldn’t find in the UK. *shakes fist* So I improvised with peppers and chillies and it was delicious.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Deep-fried Chilli Prawns


I am going to preface this with what I said to my boyfriend just before I started cooking it: “If this goes terribly wrong, can we order takeout?”

So, this is way out of my comfort zone. I don’t normally deep fry anything and I’ve never cooked a prawn before IN MY LIFE.  So this is one of those, if *I* can do it, then anyone can! Though as a caveat, please be careful when deep frying. You do NOT want to get spattered with hot oil. It will burn you a lot, it is not a toy.

I just used the easiest prawns I could think of for my first foray: peeled, de-veined, cooked, frozen prawns. Simple! Next time, now that I have the technique down, I might get the real deal prawns. But these were bite-size, spicy, crispy balls of deliciousness!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Peppermint Squares

Okay, so, I have been looking forward to making this post for a while. The following recipe is, without compare, my absolute favourite thing that I make.  They really, really remind me of my favourite (and sadly discontinued) childhood biscuit - the Mint Yoyo. 

I like these so much that I can only make them with the express intention of bringing them somewhere to share with people, otherwise I will eat them ALL. In one day. And then I feel ill. And keep eating.

There was a time when I lived back in Belfast that I made these weekly. Even now, if I turn up to a family event without them I am SHUNNED. “Where are the peppermint squares?” they’ll say, with disappointment and simmering rage.

So, with that humble build up..

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Creamy Bacon Pasta with Green Bits

This is one of my favourite midweek dinners, it takes a few minutes to whip up, uses ingredients I always have hanging around, and tastes delicious! We had it after a quick gym session, protein BRAH, and it was perfect. I feel like Jamie Oliver with my 10 minute supper.

It is infinitely adaptable for whatever you’ve got in the fridge. I really like it with leek and peas, but you could probably stir in some spinach or green beans instead of the peas. I just love peas. You may not.