Monday, 20 February 2017

Coconut Tiffin

Soon after, I ate this

I'm currently post-nightshift. I'm very delicate right now after 4.5 hours sleep, and I don't know up from down. All I know is that tiffin is amazing. I'm holding on to that right now.

Tiffin is a real crowd pleaser. I just want to experiment with different tiffin flavours and never make anything else ever again. I don’t think anyone would fault that decision. Try it, and believe.

I didn't make enough to quite fit right to that last corner.,

So, with that in mind – coconut chocolate tiffin!

Traybakes are amazing, they’re quick and delicious and easy to transport. This one is all covered in chocolate and coconut and it really is incredible. I got a bar of white chocolate with coconut through it in Aldi, so I’ve used that because it fitted the theme, but you could just use plain white chocolate chips if that’s all you’ve got. The Aldi stuff is about 80p though, so if you’ve got one nearby, it’s worth a trip in – the Germans know chocolate.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Ferrero Raw-chers

Valentine's day is coming, so the world is full of devilishly chocolate cakes and heart shaped boxes of sweets. And there's nothing wrong with that (seriously, take a look at the rest of the blog, chocolate is my bread and butter. As well as actual bread and butter). But since there's plenty of that chocolate indulgence around at the minute, I thought I would do something a little different.

I am obsessed with Ferrero rochers. Over the festive period I was mainlining these things. My record is 8 in a row, and I could have gone on, but the towering pile of empty wrappers was getting a little embarrassing.

New year, new leaf and all that, so I thought I’d fiddle around and make a healthier version. These are pretty delicious and the great thing is you can make a batch, freeze them, and have a treat ready for whenever the sweet tooth hits (which lets face it, is always)!

Now, you know I can’t lie to my blog. They don’t taste quite as good as the original,  BUT they are surprisingly really tasty, super duper easy, take about 5 minutes to make, and are better for you! Probably my favourite "raw" things I've made so far!

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Peanut Butter Caramel Squares

Another use for my tins of boiled condensed milk-turned caramel! I'm posting this now so you have plenty of time to get everything sorted to make it next weekend. It's that good.

I’m still ridiculously proud of my foray into caramel, so I thought I would try something just a little extra special. This is a basic caramel square, with an extra layer of peanut buttery deliciousness. I don’t think peanut butter and caramel can ever go wrong together, and adding chocolate on top and shortbread on the bottom is just plain smart.

I adore this traybake, the caramel was a little squidgy, but that’s ok for me! The peanut butter layer set beautifully which made up for a slightly runny caramel. Also, the shortbread could have taken a few more minutes in the oven, so I’ve adjusted the timing in the written recipe to reflect that.

It's a slightly time-consuming recipe because there's a lot of stopping and starting and chilling required, but it's not very labour intensive. And it's definitely worth it.